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When private investigator Yoshi Yakamota and the Blind Eye Detective Agency are hired to find a woman's missing sister, the assignment seems fairly mundane. Then two teens fall to their death from a rocky oceanside cliff in what appears to be a tragic accident. Although the events seem unrelated, they have one thing in common: the controversial Pioneer Institute, a residential ex-gay youth program.

Will sending a Blind Eye team member undercover reveal what's behind the school's terrible safety record, or will it just put the spy in harm's way?

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Create Widget. About Diane Anderson-Minshall. Learn more about Diane Anderson-Minshall. About the Series: Blind Eye Mystery. Blind Eye Mystery Series. While I am in the world, I am the light of the world. One day he will be physically gone. There will be time — like today — when the church of Jesus Christ will feel socially useless and emotionally and spiritually invisible to the world. And so with eyes open, we see how the blind begins to shine!

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So the man went and washed, and came home… seeing. Let me explain. Just a moment ago in verse 4, Jesus called his disciples to join him by reflecting the Light of the World that he was sent to bring. And now this man is sent to the Pool of Sent. John is not subtle.

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The light shines when Jesus sent and the blind man went. Blind and helpless he went but believing not only that Jesus saw and loved him but that he actually needed to be cleaned. To believe that the eyes of a loving God are upon you and you need to be cleaned so that you may see. Maybe that is all God is calling you to see today, that God is calling you to go, to obey, to trust him, to step out in blind faith that he might heal… your life too. Notice, how in almost humorous and joy-percolating fashion, this — up until now invisible and silent — man begins to shine with a growing bolder faith in Christ.

Seriously, I am.

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Just check out my Facebook page. This is me. He told me to go to Siloam and wash. So I went and washed, and then I could see. He heard the footfalls, the stopping, the talking, the rather disconcerting sound of spit, the feel of mud on his eyelids and then the command to wash. We are often blind to the full mechanism of our healing. How familiar this setting would become to these uneducated Galileans!

Blind Faith (Sin Brothers Series #3)

There is a danger this man will face if he dares to boldly shine the gospel. Ask him.

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He is of age; he will speak for himself. And the Spirit taught well. One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see! Why do you want to hear it again?

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Do you want to become his disciples, too? And the blind man was… kicked out of the synagogue. And only then does Jesus reappear to bring a shining end to this tale. Jesus looked like any other human-being, like you and like me. The Bible makes clear that he was fully human.

And yet the man saw something. In 1 Corinthianswe find that well known chapter on love - chapter 13 - in which after writing that every religious expression without love is nothing, Paul gives a picture of love. In other words there will come a moment, in the end of days, when we will see… perfect love face-to-face in the eyes of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I believe that at this moment in the close of our text, after this once blind man had been seen by Jesus, was healed by Jesus, and reflected Jesus that Jesus himself fully revealed who he was. For a brief moment the dim veil on our curtain world parted and this man saw who Jesus really was. That you are seen by our loving Father. That no matter how invisible and blind you might feel, you are seen by our loving Father.

Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. There is so much of our knowledge about God, this world and… ourselves that is incomplete. One day we will fully know. But the one thing we can know is that — right now — we are… fully known by God. That our whole person needs to be washed… in the blood of Jesus.

We are seen by the Father. We need to be washed by the Son. The Pharisees could not see and would not see their own sin such that Jesus elsewhere called them blind guides. We need to see what the blind man saw; washing will lead to healing. This is hard for our own blind pride to believe. Exegetes often see this text as an echo of the call to Naaman who sought healing from leprosy by Elisha.

That you have a story to tell that he will shine through.

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First, the Father sees you through the Son. Second, we need to be washed. And finally, each can boldly shine with what God has done in our lives. Earlier I began telling about the sad and invisible beginnings of a poor little girl called Ethel, perhaps known to some of you as Ethel Waters. In her early years at a Catholic school, Ethel Waters became recognized as a gifted singer that, in her later life, would allow her to shine on the greatest stages as one of the greatest African American singers of the 20 th century.

And yet as her fame grew, she sensed the need for something more.