Is it possible to live 100 years?

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In conclusion, I strongly disagree with the idea of extending the human life expectancy up to years or more as it would increase the unemployment rate among youngsters and spread disease among people. Suggestion: than Transition Words or Phrases used: furthermore, if, so, still, well, while, for example, in addition, in conclusion, as well as, on the other hand. Performance on Part of Speech: To be verbs : Conjunction : Pronoun: Performance on vocabulary words: No of characters: Unique words percentage: 0.

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Science will soon make people live up to or even years. Essay Categories:. Retrieved 14 April Department for Work and Pensions.

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Why Do Some People Live To Years?

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Oldest people verified by country living Longevity claims. Blue Zone Longevity insurance Longevity risk Transhumanist politics. Categories : Lists of people by age Centenarians Senescence. While that appears potentially life-changing, I ask Aubrey if Man was ever meant to live a 1, years. Medicine is simply a branch of technology.

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  • Was medicine meant to exist? Aubrey did not start his career in biology or medicine. He was enjoying a successful career in IT until his now ex-wife Adelaide Carpenter, a senior professor in biology, piqued his interest in biology and medicine. Ever curious to learn new things and solve scientific conundrums, Aubrey kept wondering why his wife, 19 years older to him and a respected geneticist in her own right, rarely if ever discussed ageing.

    The secrets of living to 200 years old

    Aubrey, however, refused to give up. Returning to his alma mater — Cambridge — he earned a PhD in biology in , and began work on a plan aimed at preventing age-related physical and cognitive decline before co-founding the Sens Research Foundation in So we have had no choice [but] to find crazy ways to put it out of our minds and get on with our miserably short lives and make the best of it. That turned out to be easy; scientists like to do interesting stuff.

    Do increasing pollution levels and our junk food indulgences, among other things, exacerbate molecular and cellular damage? I ask the expert on ageing. It remains unequivocally the case that the main things that cause us to get sick when we get old are intrinsic to the way the body works. Breathing is incredibly bad for you. He takes another sip of his pineapple juice while I ponder if I should hold my breath for a while and thereby extend my life by at least a few minutes.

    Tech billionaires who want to make death an elective