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Selected Q codes were soon adopted by amateur radio operators.

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Q codes are commonly used in voice communications as shorthand nouns, verbs, and adjectives making up phrases. For example, an amateur radio operator will complain about QRM man-made interference , or tell another operator that there is "QSB on the signal"; "to QSY" is to change your operating frequency. Some of the common usages vary somewhat from their formal, official sense.

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In the question form, QNB? QSJ actually means "What is the charge to be collected to QSK - "I can hear you during my transmission" - refers to a particular mode of Morse code operating in which the receiver is quickly enabled during the spaces between the dits and dahs, which allows another operator to interrupt transmissions. Many modern transceivers incorporate this function, sometimes referred to as full break-in as against semi-break-in in which there is a short delay before the transceiver goes to receive.

A conversation or contact via amateur radio is often referred to as a QSO, while QSL cards are collected by both radioamateurs and shortwave listeners as confirmation of having received the signal of a particular station. Regarding the speed of the Morse code being sent, if the speed is too fast and the receiving operator cannot copy the code at said speed, that operator may send "QRS", the request to "please slow down.

QTHR - "at the registered address for my callsign", this is used mainly in the United Kingdom and former colonies. Since business may not be discussed on amateur radio, a ham who has personal equipment to sell might say something like "I have a spare Morse key old chap, please contact me QTHR". Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Amateur radio Edit Selected Q codes were soon adopted by amateur radio operators. The name or call sign of my station is QRG Will you tell me my exact frequency or that of Your exact frequency or that of QRH Does my frequency vary?

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Your frequency varies. QRI How is the tone of my transmission? The tone of your transmission is 1. Good; 2. Variable; 3. Bad QRJ How many voice contacts do you want to make?

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  • I want to make QRK What is the readability of my signals or those of The readability of your signals or those of QRL Are you busy? I am busy. Please do not interfere. QRM Do you have interference? I have interference. QRN Are you troubled by static? I am troubled by static. QRO Shall I increase power? Excessive use of mobile phones, internet, and remote devices has changed the way consumers and businesses interact. It has given rise to digital marketing where almost every organization is trying to engage clients available on the internet.

    QR codes can help marketers track performance of the products.

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    Walmart was amongst the first to use QR code for cashless payments. These can be very helpful in attracting millenials who like the idea of cashless ecosystem. No need to carry cash with you when you can make payment with your smartphones. Now, we can see QR codes at almost all the retail stores, and consumers can make payments easily with the help of their smartphone. Social media is also using QR codes. The latest information concerning The approach and runway lights are lit. The radio facility at Between what heights above Ice formation has been observed at The magnetic direction or number of the runway to be used is The floodlights are switched on.

    I am working or am going to work on a fixed aerial. The present meteorological landing conditions at What is the aerodrome meteorological forecast for The aerodrome meteorological forecast for There are obstructions on your track Make good a track from Hold at Fly for Do you see me? I see you at I am on I am making an emergency landing. May I make a You may make a May I establish communication with Establish communication with Will you use I will use Will you check your I will check my Your frequency shift is Are you receiving I am receiving The sea conditions at You may expect to be relieved at Will relief take place when Relief will take place when Report details of the parallel sweep track search being or to be conducted?

    The parallel sweep track search is being or to be conducted What other units are or will be taking part in the operation [ In the operation [ The search pattern is Shift to transmit and receive on Report the vertical distribution of cloud [at The vertical distribution of cloud as observed from my aircraft at What is the surface temperature at The surface temperature at What is the air temperature [at Have you any amendments to the flight forecast in respect of section of route yet to be traversed? The following amendment s should be made to the flight forecast What indication will my altimeter give on landing at On landing at What should I set on the subscale of my altimeter so that the instrument would indicate its elevation if my aircraft were on the ground at your station?

    Turbulence has been observed at The maximum speed of the surface wind at The present weather and intensity thereof at Can you communicate with me in Dutch 5. Italian 1. English 6. Japanese 2.

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    French 7. Norwegian 3. German 8. Russian 4. Greek 9. I can communicate with you in The quality of your signals is Will you listen on I am listening on Have you received the signals of an emergency position-indicating radiobeacon on I have received the signals of an emergency position-indicating radiobeacon on Is your vessel fitted for reception of selective calls?

    If so, what is your selective call number or signal? My vessel is fitted for the reception of selective calls.

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    My selective call number or signal is By what private enterprise or state administration are the accounts for charges for your station settled? The accounts for charges of my station are settled by the private enterprise I am returning to The intelligibility of your signals or those of Are you being interfered with? I am being interfered with [AP13] or Your transmission is being interfered with I am troubled by static 1. Your turn is Number Relates to communication.

    The strength of your signals or those of Are you a cargo vessel? I am a cargo vessel.

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    Is my keying defective? Your keying is defective. I have effected rescue and am proceeding to I have been unable to break in on your transmission. I will use the working frequency Shall I send or reply on this frequency or on Send or reply on this frequency or on Will you send on this frequency or on I am going to send on this frequency or on