Tears of Sand

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Rise, and every drop from my eyes is for your rise Answer me my son!

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I'm writing truth on your head, touching your eyes and your heart hands are shuddering again and follow the lines on your forehead skin of sand. My body is now at the end, my light is going out without a sound, my son I'm giving my life to you.

Go in the world as the son I loved, keep your head up so everyone can read the word I'm writing now on your head, I command Make the life I'm giving to you, the life I've never lived! Make people cry in front of the truth!

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  7. Make people shamefully die, drowned in their lies and empty words they croaks. We cannot guarantee that you are sure to find the blue tears when you are here, because this is a natural phenomenon. The light actually comes from the frightened little creatures washed ashore by waves.

    But the light is so dim that it is hard to take photos of it — only the human eyes can observe it. Try long exposure and see if you can successfully take a picture of the star sands. Again, because blue tears are a natural phenomenon, we cannot guarantee that you are sure to find them when you are in Matsu.

    Matsu Blue Tears. Use bulb for long exposure and lower the color temperature of white balance for an amazing visual effect. What are blue tears? When do the blue tears appear?