The Imprinted Brain: How Genes Set the Balance Between Autism and Psychosis

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Donner le premier avis. What causes conditions like autism and schizophrenia? We have long know that they run in families, and therefore must have a genetic dimension, but no Lire la suite. Retirer en librairie.

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We have long know that they run in families, and therefore must have a genetic dimension, but no one has yet been able to specify exactly what that is. The Imprested Brain theory does just this. It is being hailed as one of the most exciting contributions to modern psychiatry since Freud.

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Combining insights from the genetic theory of genomic imprinting with psychological observations, it points out that conditions like autism and schizophrenia come with some strikingly opposite traits, which may have a basis in genetic conflict. The theory proposes that this could result in an evolutionary "" ug-of-war ", with a win for the father's genes pushing the developing brain towards the autistic spectrum, and a win for the mother's genome pushing it in the direction of psychosis. This extraordinary book makes startling new sense of much that is already known, and suggests elegant explanations for much that has until now stubbornly resisted explanation.

Its insights could fundamentally alter the way we think about mental illness and the inner workings of the mind. Date de parution. Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Avis libraires et clients. Donner une note. Donner un avis. Partager la page. For those who want to learn more about imprinted brain theory, do you have any additional resources or further readings? The Imprinted Brain blogsite is where I publish posts on the latest developments. My books, The Imprinted Brain , and Evolutionary Psychology provide all the background for those who want to do their homework. Millennials will I hope live long enough to read my posthumous biography entitled Imprimatur and other works that cannot be published yet but are biding their time—which could be a long one.

If you could give one piece of advice to Millennials and future generations, what would it be? Get ready for a long life. Life expectancy continues to increase inexorably in developed countries, so many of you can expect to make it to the end of the century. My generation found the world we were born into completely turned upside down in 50 years, and a similar upset is almost certain to take place in this century.

Things that were never spoken about and indeed criminal 50 years ago dominate the news media today such as gay marriage , and a similar inversion is likely where the currently taboo topics of evolution and genetics are concerned. Forget the Bible or any other sacred work: the genome is the text you should study if you wish to know the truth—above all, the truth about yourself. And once the Imprinted Brain Theory and the Diametric Model are taken onboard by psychiatry and psychotherapy, real progress will have begun on freeing the world from the curse of mental illness—and hopefully from much of the madness that passes for sanity today.

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Sign me up for the newsletter! This was such an interesting read, super full of information. I wonder just how he came to this conclusion and decided upon this theory, what were the steps and research that led up to it? It makes sense that genes start the process of things, as he explained in the epigenesis paragraph. He also made a lot of other good points not having to do so much with his theory.

I really liked what he said about original ideas, especially in universities, not being acknowledged. I have definitely seen this happen today as well. I also loved what he said about focusing on literacy and language because psychological discoveries give you a new way to express yourself. I had never thought of it quite like that, but he put it into words so beautifully and it is so true!

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The article over all was also beautifully written! The interview questions were great and provided a lot of depth and insightful answers. Great job! Now this, I kid you not, is more of what this website needs. Lengthy, articles full of rich detail with a very clear and conscise outline of questions — bolded for accomdation for the readers.

Online The Imprinted Brain How Genes Set The Balance Between Autism And Psychosis

I was fully engaged in both questions and what the interviewee had to say. The questions were extremely well thought out, and it was incredibly interesting throughout the article. Not only this, but you directly cited with a link what information you were referencing too.


I hope others use your article as a prime example for future works. Well done! I would like to know how he came up with that theory. The question you posed at the beginning is a nice touch; readers enjoy being given questions and choices that lead to them exploring more about themselves and it makes the article feel more personal. There are little to no grammatical mistakes, and I quite enjoyed discovering the thin line between autism and psychosis when further examining Dr. Very enticing read! This interview was extremely well conducted and written about.

I truly appreciated how much thought went into the questions asked and how much information was given. Interviews make for interesting articles, but often times can be missing key information, facts, and theory that truly makes it a scientific article; that was not the case in this article.

I feel like I have a lot of good information on the diametric mind theory and have developed a decent understanding of the subject. By far, one of the most interesting parts to me is how Dr. Fantastic interview! Questions to Badcock: 1 How can we explain those with comorbid disorders? That is if a person has Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as a mood disorder, what could we expect the data to reflect genetically? Is it the case that regardless of comorbidity, one expression mechanistic v. They seem dissimilar. I would have expected Bach v. DJ Tiesto being that neither are centered on vocals.

It seems insensitive. The questions varied and were worded in a way that could be answered thoroughly and in depth.