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When Willow dies, Tancred is left to continue the search on his own. This is an entertaining treasure hunt for grownups, with engaging characters, amusing break-ins, and cryptic clues. Ruby Lennox begins the story of her life with the moment of her conception in and leads us headlong into a multi-generational family saga. Atkinson shows off her incredible dexterity with structure and language, moving deftly back and forth in time, and punctuating this dark book with piercing moments of insight and biting humor.

In , after the arrival of a fifty year-old letter, Edie goes to visit the three elderly Blythe sisters who still live in the now crumbling estate. As Morton weaves back and forth in time, she creates a haunting, foreboding atmosphere that holds you captive, leaving you breathless until she finally unveils the truth.

The narrative begins in on an isolated island in the Pacific Northwest. This compelling book is a courtroom drama, love story, and social commentary all rolled into one riveting novel.

Neela and Kayal run Biblio, a bookshop specializing in rare and valuable first editions of modern India. On a book scouting trip, Kayal discovers a rare manuscript supposedly authored by Sir Richard Francis Burton. Soon after, the women come into possession of several priceless books.

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As they strive to authenticate these treasures, they find more questions than answers. The book takes a deep dive into the antiquarian book world, with detailed descriptions of rare first editions, the art of bookbinding and illustration, and the private realm of book collecting.

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This book has been so enthusiastically recommended by several of my reading friends that I simply have to see what all the fuss is about. I know that it is a bleak but captivating story, based on actual events in Iceland in , where a woman charged with a vicious murder awaits her execution.

Listen Shop Insiders. The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield The famous writer Vida Winter has told many versions of her life story over the decades, all of them lies. The famous writer Vida Winter has told many versions of her life story over the decades, all of them lies. Now, nearing the end of her life, she wants to tell the truth at last.

Margaret, who has family secrets of her own, agrees to take the job. As Winter tells the bizarre, twisted tale of her childhood, the women both find themselves confronting the shadows of the past. This is an eerie, gothic tale that keeps the surprises coming until the very last page.

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From the first sentence of the book, we know that Lydia Lee is dead. The book explores how even the people closest to us do not always see what is right in front of them. Through this intimate examination of one family, Ng paints a vivid picture of how everyday jealousies, resentments, and assumptions can damage those we love.

A young New York musician accidentally stumbles onto a haunting recording of an unknown blues singer. His ambitious friend releases the recording on the internet, launching them into a world of competitive blues record collectors and ghosts from the past. A young woman marries the charming widower Maxim de Winter after a whirlwind courtship in Monte Carlo. He then brings his new wife home to Manderley, the vast estate he shared with his first wife, Rebecca.


The imperious housekeeper Mrs. Danvers, who was completely devoted to the first Mrs. First published in , this famous novel has stood the test of time because it is both completely engrossing and beautifully written. When Clay Jannon loses his tech job during the recession, he takes work as a night clerk in a most unusual hour bookstore.

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  • Your local Waterstones may have stock of this item. Polish off your magnifying glass and step into the shoes of your favourite detectives as you unlock tantalising clues and solve intricate puzzles. There are over criminally teasing challenges to be scrutinised, including word searches, anagrams, snapshot covers, and crosswords - a favourite puzzle of crime fiction's golden age. Suitable for all ages and levels, this is the ultimate test for fans of the British Library Crime Classics series. For six years, the British Library have brought neglected crime fiction writers into the spotlight in a series of republished novels and anthologies.

    There are now more than 50 British Library Crime Classics titles to collect. Added to basket. Match of the Day Quiz Book. The Moscow Puzzles.

    Boris Kordemsky. Gareth Moore. The Chambers Crossword Dictionary, 4th Edition. The Times: KenKen Book 1. Tetsuya Miyamoto.

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    Sherlock Holmes Puzzle Case. Tim Dedopulos. London Quiz. Nancy Linde.