The New Middle East: The World After the Arab Spring

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The New Middle East: The World After the Arab Spring

Danahar provides plenty of historical background to the recent events he discusses, for the most part his information and analysis are sound, and his style is not laden with jargon. Unfortunately, however, the book also contains some significant flaws. Danahar has an unfortunate tendency to make grandiose, oracular pronouncements that initially sound profound but fall apart upon closer inspection.

This bald claim fails to account for the ways in which nationalism and religion continue to be intertwined. Though Danahar opens some the chapters with stories of particular communities and persons who are attempting to exert political power in the region, he too often moves the focus away from them and toward shifting U. This is not surprising; foreign correspondents typically spend much of their time covering diplomatic developments.

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That said, additional carefully analyzed stories of particular persons and communities would have produced a richer account. Such are the dangers of prognostication. Jump to navigation Google Tag Manager.

Arab Spring: Assad one of last leaders standing after the Arab Spring

In Review :. Country by country Danahar has gone through the most important countries of the region, tracking the causes of change and the likely effects, and each of his judgments seems to me to be precise, enviably clear, thoroughly grounded and highly impressive. Time and again in this thorough, provocative and readable work, Danahar shows he combines the best of both.

Islamism, the Arab Spring, and the Failure of America’s Do-Nothing Policy in the Middle East

Danahar has spent years on the ground, working in some of the toughest places in the world. But this is no instant journalist's account. Every turned page reveals deep research, powerful argument and a talent for acutely observed detail. It leaves you longing for a book that is clear-headed, honest and intelligent. Paul Danahar has produced such a book.

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His narrative spans a turbulent time but throughout all the upheavals and horrors he witnesses Danahar is a calm and intelligent witness. There is also great humanity in this excellent book.

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He has a talent for shutting the noise of extraneous detail and laying bare the big picture. This book is trenchant, opinionated, blunt, entertaining and pleasingly readable. His style is crisp and elegant, equally adept at telling human portraits as interviewing generals and presidents and sketching historical context See larger image.

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