The Night Will End

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I absolutely love Easter weekend. Not because of the plastic eggs or overly-processed Peeps or plastic-y chocolate bunny rabbits, but because of the actual reason for the season.

The Lion King Broadway Soundtrack - 16. Endless Night

But the sun did indeed rise — as promised all along — and His horrible death brought new life in the Resurrection. For me, there is no better illustration of this quote, and here it takes place in our actual history. How did you celebrate the Easter weekend? You may also enjoy:.

Even the Darkest Night Will End: The Darkest Night

Clu Embellished Dress. Barbour Tartan Mini Umbrella by Barbour. Cole Haan Buy Now at Shopbop. Oliver Peoples Eyewear Isba Sunglasses style. Quay shop this look. Student Projects. Become a Teacher. Go Premium. Sign In. Sign Up. Even the Darkest Night will End and the Sun will Rise I chose this phrase, "Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise," from the last song in the musical Les Miserables. Here's some of my inspiration so far:. Creating From.

And Nicky, please, I know I'm at least a 9. Neil rolled his eyes fondly. He hadn't discussed sexuality labels with anyone; he'd simply let his relationship with Andrew speak for itself. It didn't tell anyone the nuances of his sexuality, but that wasn't something he felt the need to discuss with anyone but Andrew, and even then it was simply a gentle reminder that he really wasn't attracted to anyone else at all.

Even the Darkest Night will End and the Sun will Rise

Wymack signaled the beginning of the drills, and everyone went back to business, and focused on ways to torment Jack on the court. Jack failed to make a single goal, much to the delight of everyone but the freshmen. Jack glared at Neil as they passed each other on the field, but said nothing. In fact, he barely said anything at all to or about Neil that day. The freshmen still stared at his scars, and Neil still wanted to strangle them for it, but at least the gossiping had finally stopped where he could hear it. Andrew didn't mind them, and even if people continued to give him shit about them, Andrew would take care of that too if he didn't do so himself.

It was the first day of practice with their new pro team. It was Andrew's second pro team actually, having gone on to play for the team closest to Palmetto State while Neil finished up, but this was Neil's first stint at professional exy and he was amazed at the fact that both him and Andrew had been able to get signed onto the same team without much hassle. Andrew hadn't meshed well with his old team so they had no problems giving him up. The coach had been a bit reluctant to sign Andrew considering his history, but the minute that Neil had told him that he could easily find another team that would sign them both, the coach had caved.

Andrew, who had previously been renting a room in a house full of other players on his old team, had hated apartment hunting but was ultimately satisfied with their one bedroom apartment on the third floor despite his fear of heights. It was much better than his shitty room at his old house and it also had the added benefit of coming with getting to live with his boyfriend instead of a bunch of idiots who only thought of him as "that asshole goalkeeper on our team.

Those sessions had moved into their cozy bedroom or to the couch in their living room. Neil had wanted to get used furniture to fill the space, but Andrew had refused to use a couch or a bed that they had no idea the history of. They had both settled into the new city fairly easily, and before long they had established their favorite coffee shop and park, their favourite late night grocery store.

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It was almost perfect. After so many years in orange and white together, it was odd to see both himself and Andrew in the teal of their new team. He would still have a sentimental bias towards how Andrew looked in orange, obviously, but he had to admit that his boyfriend pulled off teal quite well and the color was much easier on the eyes than the glaring colours of the Foxes. Not that Andrew would admit to that, of course.

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What will I get in return if I block all of their goals? The bored expression on his face was ruined by the small smirk that he usually got when something had sparked his interest--usually Neil, but not always. Neil had gotten a lot better on picking up the subtle hints Andrew dropped that showed his true intentions. It hadn't been easy in the beginning, which had led to several misunderstandings, but at this point Neil considered himself a bit of an expert in reading Andrew.

Neil rolled his eyes. He knew what Andrew was trying to get out of him, and while he had absolutely no problem giving it to him, he wanted to at least try to make it harder to get.

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Before Andrew had a chance to reply, one of their teammates popped his head into the locker room to ask what the fuck was taking them so long. Neil took Andrew's hand and dragged him out of the locker room and onto the court. The rest of their teammates were already in their starting positions for a scrimmage, chatting amongst themselves while they waited for the real practice to begin. A few of them took one look at Neil and Andrew's locked hands and rolled their eyes. They were expecting Neil and Andrew to be one of those obnoxiously in love couples who made practices unbearable- it showed just how little they knew about them, if nothing else.

A few looked surprised to see Andrew Minyard, supposed psychopath, holding someone's hand. Neil and Andrew ignored them all and Neil left Andrew at the goal with a smile before he took his usual spot on the striker line. Their first scrimmage was actually going quite well, unti lone of the more idiotic backliners had called Neil by Nathaniel.

It was definitely done with malicious intent and Neil froze the minute he heard it. He hated that his old name still had this effect on him, but Andrew had a knife on the backliner in seconds. Neil felt relieved and able to move, but the coach saw it and immediately pulled Andrew off the backliner.

Take those armbands off. Andrew didn't give up his knife or his armbands. He glared at the coach for a moment before he walked off the court and went back to the locker room. The coach turned to Neil with a pained expression. Andrew was still in his gear when Neil reached him, but he was sitting down on the bench with no plans to get up any time soon. Neil entered the room and took a seat next to him. The locker room had a different feel to it than it had before when they were alone in it.

The teal surrounding them was suddenly a solemn and sad color rather than a promise of something new and exciting. Andrew was fidgeting, and moving his leg up and down nervously--something he rarely did. Neil could see the frustration behind Andrew's usual apathetic expression that occurred when he was upset. Andrew held his gaze and let out a sigh. And besides, we'd have to move to a new city and go apartment hunting all over again. We wouldn't have to move immediately.

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I could manage without Exy for a while. You're a fucking junkie. You'd die from withdrawal before the Moriyamas have the chance to take you out. Andrew put his hand over Neil's mouth. It's fine, alright? You're not giving up Exy for a whole season just because I have self image issues. Neil brought a hand up to hold Andrew's face. Neil smiled and closed the distance between their lips in a soft kiss.

He wasn't sure how to thank Andrew for doing this for him, but this was a start at least. Andrew simply smiled, and rubbed his nose against Neil's. Neil sighed and pulled away. He grabbed Andrew's armbands and shoved them into the bag of his by the bench. He noticed the scars that covered Andrew's forearms but had the decency not to say anything about them. The same could not be said for his players. Slim to none. He didn't have his knives, but he did have a racquet and perfect aim.

For the rest of practice, Andrew reflected all of the shots made on him towards the feet of everyone but Neil. No one but the backliner and defensive dealer had said anything about his scars, but they had certainly stared more than he'd liked.

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Neil didn't play well with his teammates either because of the remarks he'd heard. He'd wanted to say something, but he knew that this was probably better than anything he could've said. He subtly tried to trip up his fellow players as well as hog the ball as much as he could so that Andrew could keep deflecting the balls easily. Not that Andrew really needed any help with that. He was so good at it, in fact, that it was a wonder he didn't do it more often. The coach tried to put a stop to it, but there was nothing he could really do at this point. Neil was of no help and Andrew wouldn't listen to anyone else.

All he could do was pray that his players didn't break anything important.